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Hotel de la Paix Corte Corse sous-cadre haut


Hotel Paix Corse Photo de la Restonica

Restonica Valley

t 30 min away from the hotel by car along the little road of the Restonica valley, enjoy swimming in the natural pools.

Last stop Bergeries de Grotelle and starting point for the Melo lake path (1723m) and Capitello(1907m).
Bergeries 16Km by car
Bergerie/Melo Lake 1h30
Melo Lake/Lake Capitello 1h.

Hotel Corte Photo du Tavignano

Tavignano Valley

epart on foot from the Hotel or from the Citadelle Parking lot(5min.on foot) for a hike that overlooks the "U Tavignano" until the "Rossolino" footbridge(1h30).

Plan on a very enjoyable swim as of the month of June.
For the more experienced hikers, it is possible to join the Sega Refuge (2h30) and the Alzu plateau(30min) and the Restonica Valley(1h30) at the Frasseta bridge.

Hotel / Footbridge (two ways 3h30)
Grande Boucle Corte/Tavignano/Sega.Restonica: 6h.

Corte Paix Corse Photo du San Pedrone

Castagniccia - Mont "San Pedrone" 1763m

y car, towards Ponte-Leccia, on the right towards Bastia and immediately on the right towards Morosaglia.

Last stop col de Prato(980m) through Morosaglia, the birth village of Pascal Paoli, father of the Corsican independence in the 18th century.

Depart for the hike from the col de Prato, a 2h walk through a forest of a hundred year old beech trees until the summit of Castagniccia(country of the chestnut trees).

The view is splendid and one can see the most important mountain tops of high-Corsica(Cinto,Rotondo,Monte d'Oro,Renosu,Paglia Orba) as well as the "Pieves" of Castagniccia, from Bozzio and the Rostino.

When the weather is clear, one can see the Maran plain, the Corsican Cape and the Elbe and Monte Christo Isles. Dont miss the natural water source midway.

- In Terra Corsa - Canyoning - Mountain climbing - Hiking - Via Ferrata - Tél. : +33 (0)4 95 47 69 48

Hotel Photo de La Porta

Castagniccia - La Porta

10min drive from the De Prato Peek, take the way on the left towards La Porta where you can admire the17th century church and its the highest in Corsica.

Please visit the Orezza waters(20m from La Porta) ferruginous natural water source.

Hotel Paix Corte Photo de la Cascade des Anglais

English Cascades

y car towards the Vizzavona Col(45m) or by train. Turn towards the train station just before the col where the English Cascade footpath starts(1h30).Family walk with many swimming points along the way.

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